About Us

About Us

Elevation; It’s Where Our Elevate Cannabis Story Begins.

Our story begins with the deep respect for the pure, holistic nature of the cannabis plant which is grown in the elevated regions of the Himalyas in Southern Asia, the Hindu Kush range in South and Central Asia and the mountains of Afghanistan. Through our extensive knowledge of cannabis, we curate a variety of products from reputable licensed Canadian producers who adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices. How the plant is grown, trimmed, processed, dried and even shipped impacts the end product. You can be sure you are getting safe, reliable, tested, top-quality natural cannabis at the best market value prices. 

Elevated Experiences

Our goal is to provide ‘elevated experiences’ for our customers from the elevated enjoyment of the cannabis products to the elevated level of customer service and knowledge we are proud to offer our customers.

As an independent retailer, we offer the best value in retail cannabis. We are small enough to get to know our customers by name and tailor our selections to the local market, yet large enough to offer a sizeable curated collection of cannabis, edibles, oils, drinks and more.

Whether you are new to cannabis or are an experienced cannabis fan looking to try a new product or flavour, our knowledgeable experts are here to answer your questions.  

We make every conversation and every interaction as unique as possible.  

Elevate Cannabis

Our name says it best. We hope to elevate your day, your shopping experience, and your life through our curated selection of quality, natural cannabis products.